Each half-term the children can choose from a number of clubs to participate in.  All clubs run between 3.15-4.15pm.  A form will be sent home with the clubs available for you to tick your choices, return to school and then a confirmation letter for parents/carers to sign giving permission for you to attend is sent out. 

To request a copy of the club letter electronically, please email afterschool@stsaviours.academy

Please find below the list of clubs available from Monday 15th January 2018:

Day Activity Class
Monday Needlecraft Years 3-6
Tuesday Board Games Years 1&2
  Football Years 5&6
Wednesday Construction Years 1&2
  Sing! (Lunchtime) Years 3-6
  Bee Active Years 1&2
Thursday Bee Active Years 3-6
  Homework Years 1-6